GAMERS UNIVERSEはアクティベーション、ランキング、実績、フレンド等の機能を実装したプレイヤーコミュニティーを目指し運用中です。
 2013年3月現在、対応ソフトはSuper Chain Crusher Horizonのみの運用ですが、現在複数パブリッシャー、デベロッパーとオファーをおこなっております。


Gamers Universe has the goal of running a player community implementing features such as activation, ranking, achievements, and friends.

As of March 2013, the only software supported is Super Chain Crusher Horizon, but currently, we have made offers to multiple publishers and developers.

Many PC games implement features such as online ranking and achievements, and we are consistently aiming to expand the functions of Gamers Universe to better perfect the lifestyles of PC gamers.

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